WTFN, the makers of hit TV series including Bondi Vet and The Living Room, are partnering with Drawbridge Labs to launch a Virtual Store, full of shoppable 3D products, as part of primetime broadcasting in February. 

Promoted during the fourth series of decluttering and home renovation program Space Invaders, which returns to Nine this Saturday, audiences will be able to scan QR codes during the episodes to enter and explore the Virtual Store, guided by host Peter Walsh.

Using their mobile devices, viewers can walk around the interactive 3D home to touch, explore and purchase the products they are watching on television from sponsors including Kmart, Taubmans, Flooring Xtra, Daikin and Interflora. And these impulse purchases are simple for the viewer as products from any company are paid for and delivered through one channel.

Click HERE to view to Virtual Store Broadcast Promo

“This is the next frontier of shoppable content in television broadcasting,” said Derek Dyson, Chief Commercial Officer at WTFN Entertainment.

“Brands are always looking for new and innovative ways to demonstrate ROI from television sponsorships and to be able to connect with engaged audiences. The Space Invaders Virtual Store is the latest step to making that happen,” he added. 

The Space Invaders Virtual Store was developed by Drawbridge Labs, a new Sydney-based business but one with a team that has a long track-record of developing interactive TV experiences in the international market, from The Oscars and Logies to Big Brother and Test Cricket broadcasting, for clients including ESPN, Disney, Fox, NBC, McDonalds, Toyota and Vodafone. 

Drawbridge Labs CEO Gavin Douglas said, “We’re excited to be working with the WTFN team and Space Invaders on Nine. They are tuned into the fact that their viewers are passionate about the show and keen to use their smartphone to engage with the story on TV. 

“We’re giving Brands, Agencies and TV Networks the power to engage with their audience and ‘shop the moment’ on their phone, inside 3D immersive experiences. What’s even better is delivering performance-based attribution for the brands on television, with viewers shopping second by second”, he added. 

Flooring Xtra is one of the brands participating in this new initiative. 

“Television sponsorship has always been a key part of our marketing mix. Sponsoring and featuring in shows like Space Invaders is a compelling way to bring our brand to life,” said Michelle Dow, Marketing Manager at Flooring Xtra. 

“When we were given the chance to participate in the Space Invaders Virtual Store it was an exciting opportunity for us. It allows us to not only drive brand awareness and consideration but also creates a pathway to conversion direct from the television screen. It’s going to be a real step towards the future for our business,” she added. 

Space Invaders returns to Nine at 7.30pm on Saturday 3rd February 2024. When the series launches, the Space InvadersVirtual Store will open at: